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MOWs 2018 (6).png

11/6 - 11/13:


This MOW...
Congrats to Cia Licas for being this week's mow! This CHaMpion child has been full of love and support for her friends as well as APSA itself. Cia is an active member that shows her dedication by promoting APSA in almost everything she does. If you see Cia, make sure to give her a big hug and hi-five for being MOW!

MOWs 2018 (5).png

10/30 - 11/6:

Kentaro Kawasaki

This MOW...
Congratulations to Kentaro Kawasaki for being the MOW this week! This energetic cRescEnDo kid has been a recurring guest to E-board and E^2 meetings. Kentaro has also shown his enthusiasm at APSA Dance and Visual Arts. If you see Kentaro, make sure to give him a big hi-five for being such an enthusiastic MOW!

MOWs 2018 (4).png

10/16 - 10/23:


This MOW...
Make sure to say congrats to John Fox for being this week's MOW! This VolTaJe kiddo has shown his APSA dedication by having a near perfect attendance for all APSA events. He has also gone out of his way to introduce himself to every member he meets, so if you see John, make sure to introduce yourself!

MOWs 2018 (2).png

10/9 - 10/16:

Tiffany Nguyen

This MOW...
Congratulations to Tiffany Nguyen for being this week's MOW! This lovely cRescEnDo kid has been spotted at almost all APSA auxiliaries as well as APSA Fit! She has also been very interactive with GBMers and Board members alike. If you see Tiffany, make sure to stop for a minute and have a nice conversation with her!

MOWs 2018 (1).png

10/2 - 10/9:


This MOW...
Congratulations to Edmond Rivera for being this week's MOW! This cRescEnDo child has consistently attended multiple APSA auxiliaries and is also a regular visitor to our office! If you see Edmond, make sure to say hi and give him a hi-five for being such a great MOW!

MOWs 2018.png

9/25 - 10/2:


This MOW...
Big congrats to Christine Ho for being this week's MOW! This CHaMpion child has been an active participant in E^2 and APIphany. She has also been an active member of APSA Dance and is very friendly and easy to talk to, so don't be afriad to say hi and congrats to Christine!


9/18 - 9/25:

Ian Ordonio

This MOW...
Big shoutout to Ian Ordonio for being this week's MOW! This cRescEnDo kid has made himself known by visiting the APSA office and socializing with both board members and GBMers alike. If you see Ian, make sure to give him a big hi-five and ask to listen to his mixtape!

MOW - Erwin.png

9/11 - 9/18:


This MOW...
Say congratulations to Erwin Rivera for being this week's MOW! Attending E^2, APSA Media, and AAPIphany, Erwin has gone out of his way to try new things. If you see Erwin, make sure to congratulate him! (P.S. you might see him in the upcoming media commercial!)

M (7).png

9/4 - 9/11:


This MOW...
Congrats to Andrei Soriano for being this week's MOW! As a motivated new member who has shown up for multiple events and auxiliary meetings, Andrei has shown his enthusiasm for APSA! If you see Andrei, make sure to give him a big hi-five!