Please formally contact: Megan Chua at president@apsasdsu.org, Yukina Masuda at vp.executive@apsasdsu.org, Michelle Harrison at vp.internal@apsasdsu.org, or Juneau Catalano at vp.external@apsasdsu.org for inquiries regarding our events, sponsorship opportunities, interorganizational socials, & etc.

Make sure to include your name, subject, and best way to contact back. Thank you for your interest!

Our goal...

is to become more visible and vocal with issues that affect our community while also sharing the Asian-Pacific Islander culture with all ethnicities. Our organization is open to anyone who is interested in learning about Asian-Pacific Islander culture and communities. We want everyone to develop an appreciation for the rich traditions and beliefs of Asian-Pacific Islander cultures.

APSA strives...

to network with other colleges and public organizations to participate in events that contribute to the positive growth of the community. Whether it be through volunteering, sponsorships, or socials between other organizations, we are always looking to forge a strengthened bond between our members and the community. 



5500 Campanile Drive, San Diego, CA 92182

Student Life and Leadership


*Only permitted inside when an Eboard Officer is present

Open to anyone who wants to study, hangout, or buy APSA merch/tickets!



Every Tuesday, 2:00 - 3:00 PM in the Pride Suite! (Right next to the Student Union's Information Booth)

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President, Megan Chua - president@apsasdsu.org

Executive Vice President, Yukina Masuda - vp.executive@apsasdsu.org

Vice President of Internal Affairs, Michelle Harrison - vp.internal@apsasdsu.org

Vice President of External Affairs, Juneau Catalano - vp.external@apsasdsu.org

Executive Assistant, Maya McHale - executive.asst@apsasdsu.org

Executive Secretary, Elly Wu - secretary@apsasdsu.org

Membership Secretary, Robert Deleon - membership@apsasdsu.org

Director of Finance, Gabril Castro - finance@apsasdsu.org

Finance Assistant, Cara Barlin - finance.asst@apsasdsu.org

Academic Coordinator, Jed Colcol - academic@apsasdsu.org

Academic Assistant, Dylan Corliss - academic.asst@apsasdsu.org

Activities Coordinator, Lauren Gaor - activities@apsasdsu.org

Activities Assistant, Gabrielle Anne Ramos - activities.asst@apsasdsu.org

Cultural Coordinator, Winson Tsai - cultural@apsasdsu.org

Political Coordinator, Vincent Chung - aapicrep@apsasdsu.org

Sports Director, Taylor Santos - sports@apsasdsu.org

Historian, Stephanie Boice - historian@apsasdsu.org

Webmaster, Jason Songvilay - webmaster@apsasdsu.org