Thank you all for attending FamBam! It was a blast; and we can't wait to see all the fun we'll be having with you all!


Check out photos from Fall 2018 and Spring 2019!

FAMBAM is a daylong competition full of fun games, awesome activities, free food, and good vibes. Each of the five families in APSA will get a chance to compete against each other for the coveted family trophy!

Fall Fambam Rankings
1) COBra🐍
2) PeRfeCtion πŸ’ 
3) GaLLaxy 🌌
4) brEaKfaSt 🍳


Once you get to Fambam, get ready for some icebreakers! Get to know your potential siblings and parents with activities to get your social butterfly out and get hyped before the reveal!


Meet your family!

The moment you've been waiting for... meeting your family! Match up with your parents and siblings and be sure to introduce yourself! After getting settled down with your family, prepare for activities to get you up and ready to show that fam spirit!!!



GO!!! Compete against the other families in 5 various games and competitions ranging from relay races to even human snake! Help your fam coordinate a dance and chant to show off your hype! The higher you place in each competition, the more points you get, with all of it contributing to your overall placing at the end of the day. The winner gets significantly closer to winning the Family Trophy at the end of the semester, so be sure to bring your best!


after social

After a long day of fun and games, recharge and wind down with your family at your Fam's social. Chat it up, exchange numbers, or plan for the next event over great food and great company!