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Every academic year, APSA as an organization has the honor of arranging a High School Conference here on the campus of San Diego State University (SDSU). The primary objective of our High School Conference is to promote a greater appreciation for academic success and ultimately serve as an inspirational drive for the attendees to pursue a higher education. APSA's High School Conference gives our general body members the chance to connect with high school students and give back to our Asian and Pacific Islander community.

If you are interested in attending APSA’s High School Conference, please fill out the form!


2018 Coordinator - Michelle Harrison

My name is Michelle Harrison and I am the Academic Coordinator for the Asian Pacific Student Alliance (APSA) at San Diego State University for the year 2017 to 2018. I am a second year Speech Language and Hearing Sciences major raised in San Ramon but currently living in Dublin, California. My biggest dream is to one day become an English and Japanese speaking Speech Therapist that people will come to, so they can improve their ability to communicate.

With the help of my co-coordinator Vanessa Chen, my executive board, and APSA general members, I proudly present this year’s APSA High School Conference, “To Places Unknown”. 

This theme highlights the many times that each of us have opted out of doing something because we were afraid of what would happen. The outcome could be negative, but at the same time, it could also be rewarding and life-changing. We fear the unknown. My goal for this year’s HSC is for each high school student to realize that each of them are fully capable of going into unknown situations with confidence no matter what the outcome.




Unknown, an adjective describing something that is not within the range of one’s knowledge, experience, or understanding. A great deal of people consider the terms unknown and fear synonymous. We fear what we do not know. It could be rejection, failure, or disappointment, but it could also be success, achievement, or opportunity. There are millions of opportunities that if not acted upon, they will fade away. Take that chance. Adventure is out there, in the places unknown, and it’s waiting for you. Every step you take into the unknown erases the fact that it is unfamiliar.

"To Places Unknown"
Our theme and conference aims to encourage high schoolers to not be afraid of daunting tasks in life. To encourage them and emphasize that in order for them to live their best and most fulfilling life, they must take risks and try new things. Take every opportunity they get and just try it. If you fail, that’s okay. This conference will help them realize that each of them are fully capable of going into any unknown situations with confidence no matter what the outcome may be.



High School Conference is one of our biggest events during the Spring Semester and APSA needs YOUR HELP! We are looking for role models who can help guide and inspire high school students who may feel uneasy about attending college. Volunteers would assist high school students on their path toward confidence, maturity, self-identity, and independence. The connections you make, the stories you share, and the wisdom you gain all contribute to your own growth as a leader.



If you are interested or know someone who may be interested in hosting a workshop for APSA’s High School Conference, please have them fill out the Workshops Form.




Our Conference date was March 10th, 2018. Students who attended had the opportunity to participate in three workshops sessions centered on Academics, Leadership, Politics, Asian and Pacific Islander cultures, Educational Opportunity Programs (EOP) and Admission. These workshops defined our conference and ultimately serve as a tool for promoting a greater appreciation for pursuing a higher degree in education. Our High School Conference is an ALL DAY EVENT and lunch and dinner will be provided.


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talent show

In addition, students who are talented in the performing arts also have the opportunity to express themselves at our High School Conference Talent Show. Through dance, music, art, poetry, or whichever talents to be discovered, we want to provide a platform for high school students to express themselves in front of their fellow peers.

The performing arts comes in a multitude of different forms, including but not limited to dance, art, music, and poetry. Through these forms, the performing arts has the power to showcase one’s passions, values, history, and culture. This is incredibly vital to not only one’s self expression, but also to show that the people performing are more than just students. 

The purpose of hosting a Talent Show during High School conference is to not only showcase high school students unique talents, but to undermine the Model Minority Myth and stereotypes forced onto the Asian and Pacific Islander people. APSA wants to hear YOUR STORY expressed on stage. Regardless of your ethnic background, if you have talent that you would like to showcase, feel free to sign up!

Performers will be required to submit one (1) five minute video of their performance OR one (1) detailed and in depth description of what their performance will entail.