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For the first time ever on February 2nd, 2019, SDSU’s Asian Pacific Student Alliance and SDSU Vietnamese Student Association have the honor of arranging a joint High School Conference here on the campus of San Diego State University. The primary objective of our High School Conference is to promote a greater appreciation for academic success and ultimately serve as an inspirational drive for the attendees to pursue a higher education. VSAPSA’s High School Conference gives our general body members the chance to connect with high school students and give back to our Asian and Pacific Islander community.

If you are interested in attending VSAPSA’s High School Conference, please register below!



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APSA Academic Coordinator

Jed Colcol

Mabuhay! こんにちわ! Ni Hao! Hello! My name is Jed Michael Colcol and I am the Academic Coordinator for the Asian Pacific Student Alliance (APSA) at San Diego State University. I am a third year Psychology major born and raised in Chula Vista, California. My current dream is to become a Clinical Psychologist or MFT helping children and adolescents with anxiety disorders. With the help of my co-coordinators Dylan Corliss and Irene Ung, it is my honor and privilege to present APSA's first ever joint High School Conference with the Vietnamese Student Association, "Oh The Places You'll Go!". This theme focuses upon the many paths life may take us on, and higher education serves as the door to one of these paths. College has so many opportunities available to us. All you have to do is reach out and open the door.




Hello everyone! My name is Irene Ung and I am the 2018-2019 High School Conference Director of the Vietnamese Student Association (VSA) at San Diego State University. Briefly, I am a San Francisco native and a third year Nursing major with dreams of working as an advanced practice nurse. In the near future, I hope to be a critical care nurse practitioner with a focus in adult-gerontology.


APSA Academic Assistant

Dylan Corliss

Hello! My name is Dylan Corliss and I am the 2018-2019 Academic Coordinator Assistant for the Asian Pacific Student Alliance. I spent most my life in the small college town of Claremont, CA, just outside of LA County. I am currently a second year at San Diego State University studying English Literature and Economics. I hope to work in education policy and administration, with a focus on availability of cultural identity education in the public school system.




"It's opener, out there, in the wide open air."

- Dr. Seuss

As we journey through our lives we often find ourselves in front of many different paths. Whether it's a major decision or simply choosing what to eat for lunch, life is full of branching pathways and different doors. Higher education is one of those doors that can lead to many different paths. Our conference aims to educate high schoolers about those different paths that the door of higher education can unlock. To help encourage them that no matter what their background is, college is a door that can be opened by anyone. Every person holds the key to their future, they just have to unlock the door.



High School Conference is one of our biggest events during the Spring Semester and APSA and VSA need YOUR HELP! We are looking for role models who can help guide and inspire high school students who may feel uneasy about attending college. Volunteers would assist high school students on their path toward confidence, maturity, self-identity, and independence. The connections you make, the stories you share, and the wisdom you gain all contribute to your own growth as a leader. *All volunteers will get a free T-shirt!



If you are interested or know someone who may be interested in hosting a workshop for VSAPSA’s High School Conference, please have them fill out the Workshops Form.




Our next High School Conference is February 2nd, 2019. Students who attend will have the opportunity to participate in various workshops sessions centered on Academics, Leadership, Politics, Asian and Pacific Islander cultures, Educational Opportunity Programs (EOP) and Admission. These workshops defined our conference and ultimately serve as a tool for promoting a greater appreciation for pursuing a higher degree in education. Our High School Conference is an ALL DAY EVENT and lunch and dinner will be provided!


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talent show

In addition, students who are talented in the performing arts also have the opportunity to express themselves at our High School Conference Talent Show. Through dance, music, art, poetry, or whichever talents to be discovered, we want to provide a platform for high school students to express themselves in front of their fellow peers.

The performing arts comes in a multitude of different forms, including but not limited to dance, art, music, and poetry. Through these forms, the performing arts has the power to showcase one’s passions, values, history, and culture. This is incredibly vital to not only one’s self expression, but also to show that the people performing are more than just students. 

The purpose of hosting a Talent Show during High School conference is to not only showcase high school students unique talents, but to undermine the Model Minority Myth and stereotypes forced onto the Asian and Pacific Islander people. VSA and APSA want to hear YOUR STORY expressed on stage. Regardless of your ethnic background, if you have talent that you would like to showcase, feel free to sign up!

Performers will be required to submit one (1) five minute video of their performance OR one (1) detailed and in depth description of what their performance will entail.