executive board

Building Future Leaders - Headed by President Vincent Chung and Executive Assistant Samantha Lin
Meetings every Thursday, 3:00-4:00 PM in the Center for Intercultural Relations (right above the Pride Suite)!

be the lead

At E^2, we prepare our campus's next generation of leaders. We hope to build and polish your skills as a leader, communicator, and person so that you may apply these skills in the future whether it be within APSA, a professional setting, or everyday life.


build bonds

We aim to create an environment where all will feel comfortable being engaged and contributing. We hope that through E^2 you're able to confidently express yourself to others and be accepting of your peers as well.

make memories

The most important part of E^2 is creating memories with those around you. Through our meetings and retreats during the year, we want everyone to grow as a person and hold onto the valuable experiences they've made as they transition into positions of leadership.