Check out photos from fall 2018 and spring 2019 semester Mentor Mentee Night!

College can be difficult for everyone. Thats why we want to make things easier.


meet your mentor or mentee(s)


Sign up for a mentor or mentee and gain valuable insight into your major, build endearing relationships, and help each other succeed in your academic and college life! 


major advice

As a mentee, you'll be paired with someone who you'll be able to rely on for all aspects of college. Your mentor will be there to answer all your questions about courses and guide you so that you'll succeed in your major. If you need a little break from college work, they'll help you chill out. You'll also be able to meet other mentees within your major, so you can all network and succeed together. Signing up for a mentor is a rewarding experience and gives you a resource, a bond, and a friend for life. 


a line for life

As a mentor, you'll be able to share advice with your mentee and guide them to success. Your past experiences as a student in college are highly valuable and helps make the university experience much less daunting for another. You'll also be able to network with other mentors and mentees to ensure you're all flourishing in the many aspects of college. Ultimately, your insight and friendship can inspire your mentee to become a mentor themselves and forever establish your legacy with a line life.

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