What does apsa do?

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It all started in 1972…

APSA strives to be visible and vocal with issues affecting the Asian Pacific community while also sharing it's diverse cultures with all. Our organization is open to anyone who is interested in learning about Asian Pacific cultures and traditions. We want everyone to develop an appreciation for the rich traditions and beliefs of Asian Pacific ethnicities.

APSA aspires to advocate and represent the organization's best interest both within and outside of campus. We aim to serve the community by volunteering for or providing service events.


Throughout the year, we dedicate time to hold several cultural, social, and community events that represent APSA's mission. Some of the various events that APSA hosts or participates in include:

* Fambam
* Homecoming
* Night Market
* VSAPSA High School Conference
* Fashion Talent Show


In addition to events, APSA pledges an immense effort into organizing and maintaining a variety of social and academic programs. It is our goal to connect our members together on campus and within the community. These programs include:

Mentor Mentee
APSArts Auxiliaries
Extended Executive Board
Sports and Fitness


SDSU's APSA also networks with other universities and public organizations to coordinate events and projects together. Fundraising activities occur throughout the year to help alleviate some of the costs of certain events held during semesters.

If you're from an organization interested in working with APSA, contact us!
If you're interested in getting involved with APSA, sign up for our newsletter, check out our events and programs above, and follow our social media to stay up to date!