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9/30 - 10/6:

Betty Truong

this Mow...

was SUPER active in APSA! She participated in APSA Dance, APSA Music, APSA Media, APSA Fit, E^2, and Study Sessions. She also supported our AAPIC community by being active in other AAPIC organizations; namely, KSA dance and VSA. She also visited the APSA office and made an effort to talk to many GBMers and many board members.



9/23 - 9/30:

Amanda Ng

this Mow...

has been very active in APSA; went to E^2, helped decorate the GBM whiteboard, and went to our IceBox Fundraised despite having class very soon afterwards. She socialized with man GBMers and made an effort to talk to all of the board members. She was also active in APSA's Media and Music auxiliaries, and has made plans to go out again! This MOW also participated heavily in our cultural discussion this week!




9/16 - 9/23:

Jeffrey Gong-Sue

this Mow...

was one of the first people to show up for bonfire and met a lot of GBMers there too! Jeffrey made a consistent effort to talk to people who were a bit more shy. He also came out to APSA Dance with tons of contagious enthusiasm and spirit!