Aaron Seng

Sports Director


Year - 3rd

Major - Computer Science

Hometown - Oaktown Bay Area

Obsessions - Memes?

Talents - I just do sports, Nothing special.

Pet Peeves - When there's not enough milk for cereal?

Ethnicity - Chinese

Life Quote - "LeJeN- Wait for it. -dary"

Favorite Boba Flavor - I don't think boba has a flavor... But I generally like something sweet, maybe you?

Favorite APSA Memory - That time with the thing where one person says ASPA. Wait. No. That's not right. I think it went something like "If you can hear clap once* 👏 "If you can hear me clap twice" 👏👏 "APSA!!" Good times.

Favorite Food? Chocolate Fudge.