Year - 3rd

Major - Art - Graphic Design + Minor in Art History

Hometown - Westminster, CA

Obsessions - Boba, Pokemon, Anime, Scary Stories

Talents - I can drink a lot of boba in a single day. I think my record is 7 in a day; best birthday ever

Pet Peeves - I hate arrogant people that look down on other people to make themselves feel good. I also hate messy eaters.

Ethnicity - Vietnamese and Chinese

Life Quote - "Life is like Tetris; the more you try to fit in, the more likely you'll disappear"

Favorite Boba Flavor - Rose Milk Tea

Favorite APSA Memory - Holding Joseph Vincent's hand as I lead him to the restroom during APSA's 20th annual Fashion Talent Show.

What is one think you can't leave the house without? At least one jacket; you will never see me without a jacket outside my house.