2018-2019: TSunaMi #hightidesandgoodvibes (parent)

2017-2018: VoLKano #ERUPTINGWITHJOY (child)

Year: 2nd

Major: Computer Science

Hometown: San Diego, California

Ethnicity: Laotian

Obsessions: Dogs on instagram (don't worry, send me your @ and ill tag you), reddit, March Madness, fantasy football, food, tweeting, making this website for all of y'all bc it's my baby and creation (;

Talents: Can bend arms inward 180 degrees, lowkey graphic design, finishing lines from Spongebob

Pet Peeves: People who don't text back fast enough or leave you left4read, snakes (human and non-human), the cost of food on campus

Life Quote: "Two L's make a W." - Jason Songvilay (2016)

Favorite Song(s):
Check out my Spotify to simp (updated occasionally!):

And my Soundcloud for less simping (also updated occasionally!):

Favorite Boba Flavor: Taro Slush with Oreo from Kung Fu Tea, water melon snow ice with boba at Tea N More, ill take anything I can get tho

Favorite APSA Memory: moves below 0:30 - 0:35

What is the most embarrassing thing you have ever worn?
You should check our flickr , maybe you'll find a pic or two or five of me in some weird clothing items ahaha oh no

Is mayonnaise an instrument?
Yes Taylor, mayonnaise IS an instrument. In this essay I will