Laiko Cayanan



Year - 3rd

Major - Public Health & Sociology

Hometown - Okinawa, Japan

Obsessions - My corgi Basti!!!, Chick-fil-a sauce, Egyptian war, videos of chubby animals or babies, cute desserts, ATLA, studio ghibli, McChickens, super soft clothes/sheets, breadsticks from Wings & Things, Law & Order: SVU, Dwayne the Rock Johnson, Unravel OP, crane games, corn cheese, KANYE, & anything covered in ranch

Art Exhibit Idea: The Basti Collection🎨🎟🎭🖍

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Talents - I can sneeze a lot, my record is 42. Also, I have carcolepsy.

Pet Peeves - When ppl make gross puns out of my name, And when Chili's changed the 2 for $20 deal to 2 for $22

Ethnicity - Filipino/Japanese

Life Quote - "Lemon pepper, all flat, ranch, carrots only." (that's my wing order. just in case.)

Favorite Boba Flavor - Black milk tea from Tea N More*, horchata smoothie from Boba Time, 50% sugar Wintermelon from KFT

Favorite APSA Memory - "Wanna play Cambrio