Michelle Harrison

Academic Coordinator


Year - 2nd

Major - Speech Language and Hearing Sciences

Hometown - Dublin

Obsessions - Rabbits, stationary, cute things, Kpop, the color blue, lettuce, shoujou manga/anime, 70's/80's music, hiking, kayaking, stargazing, Japanese Drinks (Calpis, Yakult, Qoo), thrift stores, San Francisco

Talents - I can wiggle my ears, I can make a dog with my hands, I can bake well (sometimes), I can speak fluent Japanese and I have studied Spanish, Mandarin, and ASL

Pet Peeves - Loud eaters (I won't say anything but inside I will be dying hahaha...) and people who eat my food

Ethnicity - Half white and half Japanese

Life Quote - "IF you've got energy to spend on feeling guilty, then use it to show your gratitude."

Favorite Boba Flavor - (Milk tea): Taro Milk Tea or Royal Milk Tea (Fresh Tea): Tangerine Green Tea (50% sugar) or Passionfruit Green Tea (50% sugar)

Favorite APSA Memory - One of my favorite APSA memories was definitely during the E^2 retreat when all of my fellow APSA members were confessing incredibly personal and strong things, I was so moved by everyone's words!! 2016-2017 E^2 Fam for life yooo!!

What's your favorite season? Winter!! I love wearing sweaters!! But it's also one of my least favorite seasons because I get cold really easily.