Seleka Gorospe

Activities Assistant


Year - 2nd

Major - Kinesiology (Pre-PT)

Hometown - Las Vegas, NV (Grew up here, but I was actually born in Pensacola, FL)

Obsessions - FOOD. Boba. Stationary.

Talents - I can play the clarinet, guitar, ukulele, vibes (from drumline/pit), and a bit of piano, good at dabbing. Is sleeping a talent too?

Pet Peeves When people stop in the middle of a hallway or stairs (this was so annoying in high school).
Not using turn signals when driving.
Using the wrong their/they're/there.
When people poke my side because I'm ticklish :(

Ethnicity - Filipino

Life Quote - "Meme is the dream!"

Favorite Boba Flavor - Thai Milk Tea

Favorite APSA Memory - My favorite APSA memory was from Knockout because that's where I met a couple of people and became friends with them. I also made some "enemies," but that's okay. I also remember Cat knocked me out second semester last year, and that's when I realized that Knockout is actually insane, but I did enjoy it even if it was a bit stressful

What are the hardest things about college so far? What are some ways to fix it? I honestly think that making new friends was the hardest thing for me so far (other than classes). I didn’t know how to approach others, and I was afraid because I would always feel homesick and miss my friends back home. Joining a club (like APSA) was the best thing that happened to me since that’s where I learned how to become more comfortable in a new state and school. If you live in the dorms, participate in the events that the RAs or AMs make because they're actually fun. Also, some classes can be harder than others so don't be afraid to spend time with your new friends studying. Go to the library, a café, the study lounge, or the APSA office if you want to study in different places.