Travis Hui

Cultural Coordinator


Year - 2nd

Major - Computer Engineering

Hometown - San Diego

Obsessions - Food (Rice and meat specifically), reading, Kung Fu, League of Legends, writing down quotes that I find valuable, Chinese music

Talents - Kung Fu? Conversing with people?

Pet Peeves - Having to do anything when I don't want to do anything

Ethnicity - Chinese

Life Quote - "It is said that it is better to live a bad life than have a good death. However, it is also said that since death is unavoidable to everyone throughout history, what one should strive for is a loyal heart, gloriously recorded in the historic books. Yet another saying is that there are deaths heavier than Mount Tai, and deaths lighter than a goose feather. The only difference between them was whether one would die in one's appointed place, and whether one's death will be of value."

Favorite Boba Flavor - Thai tea boba? idk

Favorite APSA Memory - Finding out my mentor was Lianne

What kind of music do you like? Chinese music